Kisded Jézus és Szűzanya

Kisded Istent hogyha látom  Édesanyja karjain,  szívem olvadoz szent lángon,  lelkem boldog dalra int. Vágyik Gyermek, sóvárogja,  Szűzanyám, a kebledet.  Ez a Gyermek fölmosolygva  csókol, simul, ölelget.   Amint ragyog kéklő egén  fénnyel áradozva Nap,  szopva Kisded Anyja keblén,  szent örömre úgy ragad.   Oly szépséges az ily Anya;  s gyönyörűbb a Gyermekkel,  mintha titkos … Olvass tovább

The good old days

Remember the good old days we spent Snowballs, your face, and the gifts. Laughers, tid-bits Those long hours waiting for Santa, And the gifts He left for us  Merry-making, friends, and the Church Remembering the good old days, and an old friend like you In the best of spirit And wish you a very happy … Olvass tovább

Anon – Santa’s New Idea

Said Santa Claus One winter’s night, ‘I really think it’s only right That gifts should have a little say ‘Bout where they’ll be on Christmas Day.’ So then and there He called the toys Intended for good girls and boys, And when they’d settled down to hear, He made his plan for them quite clear. … Olvass tovább

Paul Curtis – Carol of the Bells

Pulled with violence To break the silence Choring, drawing Mechanism priming Ready for chiming Banging, clanging Momentum gaining Timbers straining Creaking, speaking Mechanical timing With rhythm climbing Swaying, obeying The peel resounding A sound astounding Ringing, singing The call goes out Around and about Voicing, rejoicing Come says the calling Come one and all in … Olvass tovább

Alan Williams – Back Home With Us For Christmas

Across the festive store I see her A mother knelt beside her child Both conjured by the Christmas frippery Entranced by the promiscuous lights Dancing across their astonishment Silver drums and golden trumpets Sparkling peacocks and frosted fruits Rainbow garlands and brazen tinsel Stars and fairies awaiting their finest hour I cannot help but move … Olvass tovább

Alan Williams – Falling Snow

See how they fall An infinity of heavenly aspirations Come to convert the world With a deep and even purity. Sent to nullify and cleanse To enhance and beautify To muffle and calm With the tranquillity Of a gossamer eiderdown. To cloak in a mystery Of endless variations Of the same tonal theme; Converting everything … Olvass tovább