Tom Krause – The Magic of Christmas

„Joy to the World”, the carollers sang out
as last minute shoppers scurried about
desperately seeking that one special gift
that would give Christmas morning a magical lift.
As an old man stood standing listening to the song,
midst all the madness of the bustling throng,
in a shaky hoarse voice he began to join in
singing the words of the famous old hymn.

One by one people stopped with their madness
to join with the old man for a moment of gladness.
By the time the carollers finished with singing the song
the whole throng was united as they all sang along.

As if by magic from out of the sky
church bells rang out from a chapel near by.
And when it was over the people greeted each other
with messages of good will they shared with one another.

You see that magical lift the shoppers sought for so long
was not in the buying or scurrying along.
That magical gift so desperately sought
was the Spirit of Christmas – which could never be bought.